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can’t say i approve of those dreads, but i’m envious of that grim bag

white peopledreads:facepalm

Manx Sheep skull, high five!

seconded all-around

a) I don’t give two fucks what you think of my hairstyle; also you don’t know what you’re talking about;

b) It’s not a Manx sheep it’s a Jacob sheep get your fucking old world Ovidae straight you puerile little shits.

People who make cultural appropriation comments about white people with dreads are uneducated idiots. Saxons, Celts, Picts, Vikings and many other european cultures had dreadlocks centuries before rastafarian was invented. Not to mention several other races/cultures including native americans and egyptians also had dreadlocks. Plus im pretty sure no divine being came down and gave a copyright on dreadlocks or any other hairstyle to any specific group or race… also your hair looks amazing so who cares.

^ finally someone said it.

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forever reblog.

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For clothing company, Wolven Threads! Awesome yoga & artistically minded pieces, check them out.

Photographer: Najva Sol

Madelaine Hair Up by Ed Hodgkinson

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